• Our Mission at Emly

    We stand for the small businesses, big businesses, and anyone out there working hard, whether to make ends meet or to change the world around them.


  • About the founder and CEO, Eli Pesso

    As an entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses, I understood early on how difficult it was to get high quality financing for my business. By "high quality", I mean financing I myself would recommend to my family and loved ones. The only type of financing that made sense, was in the wake of COVID - when the SBA and PPP programs initially rolled out. I realized there has to be a better way to receive funding for my business that made sense, without a national pandemic going on. This was when I resigned as a partner in a prominent cash advance company, and decided to combine my skills and knowledge in technology and business loans to create Emly - a more fair environment for the average business owner to receive affordable funding without the repetitive paperwork and overly-optimistic sales pitch we are so used to.

    Our mission statement

    Emly's mission is to provide a high-tech, seamless experience in attaining business financing found nowhere else. We strive to protect our clients privacy and provide business financing that isn't focused on company profits, but rather client success. At the end of the day, it isn't our success that matters, it's your success in growing and maintaining your business that does. Emly donates 10% of all profits to charity in hopes to improve society as we improve your business. We look forward to working with every client whether big or small. We hope you can participate with us in this movement to change the narrative of predatorial lenders and bring on a new trend or fair business funding.

    Why "Emly"

    The name "Emly" stands for everything money. "Em" represents the letter M, which represents money. "ly" represents everything, like amazing-ly, extraordinari-ly, or fabulous-ly.